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My schedule varies month to month and I require at least 24 hours notice to schedule a session.  Same day sessions are not available.  The dates listed below are subject to change at my discretion, and hours of availability will also vary depending on my other schedule commitments. Be advised that my application process and screening is required prior to any session scheduling.  See the "Serve" page for more information. 

Upcoming Availability


August 30 (Wednesday)

August 31 (Thursday)



September 1 (Friday)

September 2 (Saturday)

September 6 (Wednesday)

September 7 (Thursday)

September 8 (Friday)

September 11 (Monday)

September 15 (Friday)

September 20 (Wednesday)

September 21 (Thursday)

September 25 (Monday)

September 12 & 13th (Los Angeles)

September 18 (Los Angeles)

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